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We use Tapestry!

Essentially, Tapestry allows the team to easily collate and record information electronically about each child’s learning and development, so that it can be shared with their families. This technology massively improves efficiencies and can be accessed via the nursery computers and iPads. The result is that it helps to reduce the inordinate amount of paperwork and time spent collecting observations and making assessments, enabling the practitioners at Surbiton Children’s Centre Nursery to be much more hands on with the children, spending lots more time engaging in quality play and activities together!  It gives us both glimpses of moments at home and at school, we can write comments about the moments we’ve seen and the moments we’ve shared. It also lets us both upload photographs, and hopefully, this will prompt your child to tell us both more about all the things that happen in their daily life. Our aim is for you to be able to find out more about the learning and activities that your child is interested in at nursery, but also to be able to share experiences and learning from home and value them at school.
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