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Surbiton Children’s Centre sadly closed in June 2019- We are now offering a term time Stay and Play session on Mondays 9:30-11:00 here at the Nursery in our Community Room, this is for families with children aged 0-5 and run by the staff from the South Cluster. For further information please call 020 8339 9848

We are part of the  South Cluster offer for the local area and this area  includes Tolworth Children’s Centre and Chessington Children’s Centre and Old Malden Children’s Centre

Contact Name    Brenda Wood
Telephone          020 8339 9848

Children’s centres are places where all families with children under five, and expectant mothers and fathers, can go to help their children to get the best start in life. The facilities and activities are designed for young children and their families.

All children’s centres will offer informal support for parents and a place for your child to play and learn.

Children’s centres work with a wide range of partners to ensure that we can help families in whatever area they need.

Services in children’s centres include:
• child and family health services
• information for families and carers
• early education and information about childcare
• support for children with special needs
• outreach and support to families in need
• adult education classes with crèche facilities
• helping parents find training and employment

If you need to register with the children’s centres you can do this online
Or you can  EMAIL 

For the most up to date children centre information you can also find them on Facebook for the most up to date events and information.

Discover Chat and Play sessions in the children centres with experts to discuss any concerns

Surbiton Children’s Centre Nursery and KTCC are running a new session Rhyme and Sign June 21

Centre Programme:

Kingston Spring Programme 2020 


for more information check the AFC website