School Team -who’s who?

Leadership Team

Esther White– Headteacher

Claire Brooker- SENCO,  Resource Provision Lead & Green Class Teacher

Janaki Wood– EYFS Leader, Teacher in the Den

Tess Dean– EYFS Leader,  Forest School Lead

Mala Mistry- School Business Manager

Admin Team

Ann Challis  and Laura Eakin



Janaki Wood, Tessa Dean,  Julie Scott & Lily Badea

Year round Early years team & support staff

Extended day provision 

Elaine Cousins, Emily Sands, Yada Disatan, Nives Zanouzi, Donna Eggmore,

Sharanjit Jabbal

Term Time Early years team & support staff

Lois Brown, Gabriella Saracino, Donna Eggmore

 , Michelle Botterill-Lynch, Lydia Eggling  Tina Stevenson, Mai Chong & Jenny Sellwood

GREEN CLASS “The green”


Claire Brooker

Nursery nurses & support staff

Sally D Adao, Samantha Gillbody, Oonagh Mc Cormack, Huda Asabia, & Kelly Edenborough

Speech & Language Therapist

Nicola Connelly

Occupational Therapist

Samantha Plant

Educational Psychologist

Sylvia Rojas

2 Year old provision

Team Leader

Rosalyn Paige

Early years practitioners
Vanessa Oliveria & Mai Chong


Leah Fairburn

site manager 

Richard Field