Our Governors

Should you wish to contact the Governors the preferred method is via email to governors@sccn.rbksch.org

The governors are volunteers so cannot respond immediately. Should you not be able to email please write to the office ‘FAO – Chair of Governors’ marking the envelope ‘Confidential’.


LA Governors [1]

Sushila Abraham

Committee Member:  Resources
I am a local Solicitor and have 30 years of experience and I run my own practice so I have good knowledge of governance and can give input where necessary.

I work closely with families and know their needs and that of their children. I have also the experience and knowledge of the needs of children with physical and learning difficulties. I am the local councillor. I know the needs of my residents and they know they can approach me even if they do not live in my ward.

I am very happy to see how the Nursery has developed in the few years that I have been their LA Governor. It is an establishment where the needs of our children are met very well.

Head Teacher [1]

Fiona Dearman

I am the Headteacher of the school and I am still involved in teaching regularly as well as leading the school. I have been at the school for  13 years and have loved to watch it grow and flourish over the years.

Co-Opted Governors [3]

1. Andrew Christopher –Chair

Type of Governor:      Co-opted/Chair

Committee Member:  Resources

I have been linked with SCCN since my daughter attended in 2001, becoming first a Parent Governor and then a Co-opted Governor and currently Chair. I have seen the Nursery grow, develop and diversify over the past 6 years and look forward to a continued association.  As Chair I am delighted to work with an extremely talented and skilled team from the Centre, it is clear to me from my knowledge of many other Centres and Providers that Surbiton is the place to which others aspire. From my own experience with both my children, those who access high quality provision at an early stage benefit later in their educational life. I live in Banstead and maintain a close association with Surbiton & Kingston through voluntary work that both my wife and I do with St John Ambulance.

2. Linda Palmer – Vice Chair

Type of Governor:      Co-opted/Vice Chair

Committee Member:  Curriculum, Families & Community, Resources

I am a retired local Head teacher (and JP) – still greatly interested in education.  Being a co-opted Governor of Surbiton Children’s Centre Nursery sustains this interest (my son attended the Nursery over 35 years ago and loved it!)

I really enjoy visiting the Nursery – it is inspirational – the foundation for further learning is apparent and this has been recognised by OFSTED and our Local Authority.

Thank you to all at SCCN.

 3. Jane Colombo 

Type of Governor: Co-opted

Child Protection & SEND

Committee Member:  Resources and Curriculum, Families and Community

In excess of ten years experience of line management and finance management across three blue chip companies

My son attended SCCN in 2014/15 and my daughter in 2017/18.

We are very fortunate to have such a unique resource in Surbiton Children’s Centre Nursery.  Having been impressed with many aspects of the nursery school, it would be fantastic to have the opportunity both to be involved in its future and to be able to give something back to our local community.

Staff Governors [1]

Esther White – Teaching

I am the Deputy Head and also a class teacher (3 days a week) at the Nursery and have been here for 5 years. In addition to teaching I also run a dance class for children after school at our local children’s centre and occasionally bring my lovely dog in for the children to meet!

Parent Governors [3]

1. Rebecca Francis

Committee Member:  Curriculum, Families & Community

I became a Parent Governor of the school to be more involved in my daughter’s education.  I hope to send my other child to the Nursery in the future. Through being a Parent Governor I’m happy to be able to give something back to the school and the community.

2. Mr Verster DuPlessis 

Committee Member:  Resources Committee 

I believe schools are the heart of any community so the reason I would like to become a school governor is to make a difference and help my community by applying the skills I’ve gained over the years. I believe I can make a positive difference to the life chances of all the children in our community. I also believe having a parent on the governing board that has a child with special educational needs would offer a valuable perspective when it comes to decision-making. To be selected to serve as a parent governor would be a great honour and responsibility, which I will treat with the greatest respect.

3. Nita Dilley 

Committee Member:  Resources committee & Curriculum, Families & Community

I am the mother of three children – my eldest attended SCCN in 2016/17 and I plan to use the nursery for my other two children in the coming years. I have over ten years experience working as an analyst in Government and have specific skills and knowledge in conducting social research, project management and monitoring and evaluating social policy. I hope to use this experience to help support the governance of the nursery.


Clerk to the Governors

Tess Nixon

Ex Civil Servant and joined SCCN after a career break to have children. My daughter will be attending SCCN from September 2018.