Lunch & Tea Menus


This is Leah our Cook, she loves to prepare healthy nutritious meals for the children. She believes in making food fun and encourages new flavours whilst ensuring that food is familiar and has a “home cooked feel”

At our recent inspection for food hygiene we were awarded a 5


Children who have meals at Nursery are encouraged to try new  foods and flavours and we have experienced staff to help the children learn skills such as; how to use cutlery, being independant, setting the table and helping their friends. For the first term whilst children are settling in we believe in providing a simple menu which will be familiar to the children so that they feel secure and confident to eat every day. The staff will always talk to a parent if there are any concerns.

We are reducing our salt, sugar and meat items from our menu and have been trialing a “Meat Free Monday”, we wish to be as eco friendly as we can and use fresh local produce. We grow our own herbs and vegetables which we get to use in the cooking too! Every meal we ensure there is a salad option available for the children and we have bread or rolls as a side option. 

We provide 3 meals per day for some of the children who spend their whole day at the nursery. This includes breakfast (a selection of cereals and toast or yoghurt) 

Lunch is always a hot meal 

Tea is usually a cold meal but on occasion we have soup, beans or toast. 

We have a 3 week rotation for the menus for both lunch and tea which we display on the notice board 

During the Covid-19 Pandemic we are operating  “keyworker childcare” only and these are the menus for that time. These are slightly different to our normal menus due to staffing and food available. 


Lunch Menus- non covid time  Snack Keyworker childcare menus 

lunch 1

lunch 2

lunch 3

Fresh fruit and vegetables with some crunch (oat cakes or rice cakes) 

menu summer 1

menu summer 2

menu summer 3