EstherHello, I’m Esther White the recently appointed Head Teacher of Surbiton Children’s Centre Nursery school. I’ve worked at the Nursery for 7 years as Deputy and Acting Head for last 6 months. I’m excited to be leading the school and look forward to sharing monthly updates about the children and the adventures we’ve been having at nursery. I also hope to share some early years insights to help parents and carers understand their children’s development and journey through this important year.

May 2019

May is the month of new life and changing seasons. We have been excited to discover a pidgeon nest in our outdoor space with 2 little “squabs” just hatched. This has been the most exciting and wonderful real experience for the children (and staff) to watch unfold. The outdoor learning environment is starting to florish after some glorious sunshine and a few downpours and the children have been off looking for snails and worms in the mud kitchen. I always feel so lucky that we have our gem of a garden for the children, it really is very special with areas to explore and make little dens and lots of exciting challenges. At Surbiton we know that outdoor learning has the most positive impact on children and that they develop so many key skills by being outside. They can run, climb and feel the wind on their skin; such a very neccesary and important experience that cannot be achieved inside.

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