The Den


This term we have followed the children’s interest in Gingerbread men, and explored the story, made our own gingerbread men and even learnt a new song! Goldilocks followed this, with storytelling and porridge making supporting the children’s learning.

Chinese New Year has been of great interest too, which we have explored through acting out the story and experimenting with clothing and traditional Chinese items.

There has been a lot of measuring taking place, including drawing around each other, using Numicon and hands to measure the height, as well as measuring towers and roads!

Playdough is always popular in the Den, with the children making their own dough each week. Playdough is a great way to develop fine motor skills, as well as supporting turn taking and sharing of resources and ideas.

The children’s Independence skills are soaring this term, with coats being put on independently, and shoes being swapped for wellies. The snack bar supports the children’s self-help skills with chopping and preparing fruit, pouring a drink and cleaning up after themselves.