Ladybird Two year class

Autumn 2018

Welcome to the new term and to our new families joining us this term. The children are starting to settle in to the class, and manage to say goodbye to their parent/carer without too many tears.

The team in Ladybird 2’s focus on the children’s wellbeing and ensure that the children feel safe, secure and supported.

This half term is all about getting used to all that is new including the children, the team and the routines.

The children will be learning lots of songs, exploring with bubbles and water play, and having lots of sensory play experiences!

This will mean they get quite messy and so we recommend they wear clothing that wears well and isnt their best so that if they do get a bit messy it wont be so difficult to clean.

We will be doing some planting and digging in the garden over the next few weeks

If you have any bulbs or seeds that you would like to donate please see Gabi or Elaine.

TOP TIPS for Twos:

Potty training

Top 10 potty training tips