Green Class

Green Class

Spring Term 2019

The children have been introduced to festivals and traditions such as Chinese New year and Pancake Day. Some of us joined our mainstream friends to make pancakes.

This term we have been exploring wet and dry textures using sand, salt, rice, pasta, water, cornflour shaving foam and playdough. We have practised using tools for a purpose. Cups and jugs for pouring, spoons and spades, rolling pins and cutters.

The children have been introduced to action words at Group Time. For example walking, talking, jumping, and clapping using visual symbols to assist. These words are then used to label the children’s actions during free play to reinforce their meanings.

The children have been singing traditional Nursery Rhymes using visual props as prompts. They can choose which one they would like to sing. They explored the story of The Three Little Pigs using sensory props to feel the differing textures of the three houses.