At Surbiton Children’s Centre Nursery our teams take pride in the thorough planning undertaken to meet the needs of all the children. Thorough planning ensures that we are able to offer high quality, relevant learning experiences. We use the Early Years guidance (EYFS) with 7 curriculum areas and characteristics of effective learning being a strong emphasis to guide our provision for the varying needs and interest of our diverse community. We follow the interests of the children and tailor our themes to match those interests as well as introducing new ideas and key skills to ensure that the education we provide is well rounded.

Our planning is based on long, medium and short-term objectives:

  • long-term plans detail the learning opportunities available through our continuous provision;
  • medium-term plans describe the enhancement of our continuous provision to meet learning needs and follow our children’s interests;
  • short-term plans detail the weekly provision, adapting it to meet the children’s interests and needs.

How we Plan, Record and Report for individual children

Every child is regularly observed and assessed. From these observations and assessments the staff set individual targets to ensure each child reaches their full potential.

Various methods are used to record observations: written notes, assessments, photos and samples of work. We integrate observations from parents, other professionals and children’s own comments into our records. We also use Orbit to share our observations with parents/carers as well as receiving “postcards” from home to share the achievements from home. Our Books of Learning experience will be a personal and individual account of your child’s journey, interests and learning throughout their time in the Nursery and we take great pride in these beautiful accounts which are a treasured memory in years to come.

For weekly information about what your child will be learning please click on their class tab.

Any parents who would like to help in the classrooms please speak to a member of staff to see if this can be arranged.

Class Curriculum Details

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