Click on the challenges for some activities for you to try at home

70 things to do at home with young children

Autumn 2020 Challenges –

Autumn Playdough

Conker rolling

Cosy Den

Exercise Time

Pumpkin exploring

Scavenger Hunt

Name Games – Lots of children have been showing an interest in reading and writing their names. Try some of these games out at home and share with us on Tapestry! Can you think of any other ways to explore your name?

June 2020 – 30 Days Wild –

Random Acts of Wildness

Activity passport


Exercising with nature

Nature Table

Wall chart

Wildlife Gardening

Wildlife Photography

Outdoor Classroom Day – Thursday 21st May 2020 – Outdoor ideas

Challenge – Rainbow

Challenge – Sticky tape

Challenge – Singing 

Challenge – Recipe Sharing

Challenge – Animal Walk

Challenge – Number Cars

Challenge – Weather Diary 

Challenge – Create your own Puzzle

Challenge Square

Challenge – Frozen flowers

Challenge – Seesaw

Challenge – Bubble blower

Challenge – Mirror Portraits

Challenge – Music Band

Challenge – Inventor scavenger hunt

Challenge – sink or float

Challenge – Tray balancing

Challenge – salt dough

Challenge – Water Xylophone

VE Day:

Challenge – Bunting
VE day ideas