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Welcome to Surbiton Children’s Centre Nursery School 

Our values

The school is the only maintained nursery school in Kingston upon Thames.
The school opened in 1971 and is located in the centre of a large local housing estate. The school accommodation is well maintained, facilities and resources are of a high standard, and there is an extensive outdoor learning environment.

There is a diverse community and this is something the Nursery is very proud of. The school has a rich history and was originally part of a primary school for local families. Surbiton Hill Infants was officially closed on 24 April 1969 and the children and staff (with the exception of the nursery children and staff) transferred to a new school named Kingsdowne,  on 28 April 1969. It was proposed that the nursery school, housed in a separate building, should continue to function under the jurisdiction of Miss G C Brown, headmistress.

When the school closed in the late 1960’s the Nursery was built and set up for local families to ensure high quality early years education for young children. In the 48 years there have been many changes including the name of the school from Surbiton Hill Nursery School to Children’s Centre Nursery when the sure start centres were built.

The Nursery has undergone several renovations and upgrades and most recently the outdoor area has been updated and improved. Every head teacher has had a passion for outdoor learning, special educational needs and supporting families in need. This very important ethos is recognised by every family who has attended the school over its 48 years. Staff and Governors themselves once parents of children at Surbiton, have supported the school throughout many of the changes it has seen from its start in 1971.

There are parents of children in the current cohort who themselves attended the nursery as young children. Who have fond memories of their time there and who feel the values and ethos are still as relevant today as they were then.
Many of the families choose to attend the nursery because of its excellent reputation within the borough and it is held in very high regard amongst the community and the local authority.