About Us

Surbiton Aims and Objectives

Surbiton Children’s Centre Nursery School is the only maintained nursery school in the local authority and it opened in 1971.

The school has 118 part-time funded places for 3 and 4 year old children including 14 places allocated to children with social and communication difficulties (These places are allocated through a panel)

We are an inclusive school and we have a number of other children with special educational needs in our mainstream classrooms.

We  have an additional 16 places for 2 year olds meeting the eligibility funding requirement.

In addition to this we offer extended day places for our families needing extra hours because of work commitments or further studying. The children access their part time 15 hours funded education place in The Den or The Green Class and then spend their additional hours in our Ladybird extended day provision. We also offer 30 hours as a part of this offer. For those not eligible or who need ore than 30 hours parents can  pay for the additional hours spent in Ladybird Class. We are registered with Ofsted to deliver full day care and out of school care.


The nursery school site is situated at the top of Alpha Road and is accessed through the gate in Middle Green Close.  It is a purpose built nursery that was extensively refurbished in 2003.  It comprises a large single storey main building, which is fully accessible, and a smaller annex.  The buildings adjoin an extensive outdoor learning area which is accessible to children throughout the day; a smaller garden is situated at the rear of the building.

The school accommodation is arranged as two large interlinking classrooms and a smaller linked classroom area. A further large classroom is located in the annex building.  Additional accommodation includes administration offices, and our Ladybird Extended day Provision.  The school is well resourced and is an excellent environment for early learning.